On March 11th, ULCS underground Foreperson Tyler Daisey and Mechanic Joseph Todd were leaving a jobsite in Salisbury, Maryland when they noticed a plume of smoke coming from the back of residence they were passing. They safely pulled their vehicle to the side of the road to investigate the situation further and noticed a hot tub in the backyard had caught on fire and it was beginning to spread to the house. The crew, including Equipment Operators Allen Betts and Cole Calloway, immediately sprang into action, notifying the local fire department and police of the situation and then scouring the property for any homeowners. After knocking on the door to the home, they found two senior citizens  were inside the home and unaware of the fire. The crew assisted them in gathering some personal belongings and got them away from the house. Shortly after, the fire department arrived to put out the fire.

A huge thank you to Tyler and Joseph for spotting this dangerous situation and saving the two elderly homeowners!

Pictured is the crew that assisted (L-R): Equipment Operators Allen Betts, Cole Calloway and Joseph Todd and Foreperson Tyler Daisey.

The crew stands by while firefighters assess the scene.