Winter Storm Tabitha

Mid-February saw a weekend of snow, freezing rain and sleet that impacted much of the country, as Winter Storm Tabitha traveled from the Pacific Northwest to the Mid-Atlantic and severely impacted areas from Texas to Delaware. At the peak of the storm, more than 480,000 customers were without power because of the snow and ice accumulation on trees and power lines. Taking the storm head-on were more than 400 employees from various ULCS regions, helping to restore power for CLECO, Energy United, Mississippi Power, Duke Energy, Entergy, Dominion Energy, SWEPCO, Appalachian Power and Kentucky Power.

A huge “thank you” to those who worked on Dominion Energy property in Virginia from Senior Safety Specialist Michael Struzzieri on behalf of the utility company, who said, “Outstanding people back their purpose with an unrelenting energy of passion. They follow their dreams, they work hard, and are willing to sacrifice whatever they need to, and refuse to let naysayers get in the way of their dreams. … You should be proud of your men! It was definitely a pleasure to work with your company. And will let Dominion know the next time we are in need we should call ULCS first.” Thanks to the help ULCS provided, power was quickly restored to customers.